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Your Mountain Biking Coach

Downhill and Enduro athlete based out of Canberra, Australia. Sian is 2x Downhill Australian National Champion and 2x Oceania Champion with over five years of personal training experience, Sian A’Hern is one of Australia's only dedicated Mountain Bike trainers. Sian is dedicated to getting her clients fitter, faster and enjoying their ride more than ever before.

Using her passion for training, being active and riding bikes, Sian offers personalised training options for all her clients. Creating personalised strength and conditioning programs, on-bike training plans, and on bike skills coaching sessions to ensure you get the training you need. Sian will get you on track to exceed all of your goals and potential. 

While Sian is tough but fair she fully understands that life throws you curveballs. That is why Sian is always understanding that programs need modifications towards your personal needs. Sian is dedicated to your success no matter what boundaries may lie ahead.

Accreditation and current achievements: 


  • Aus Cycling accredited skills instructor 

  • Cert 3 and 4 in fitness

  • Strength and Conditioning level 1

  • 2x National champion 2020, 2021

  • 2x Oceania champion 2019, 2020

  • 3x queen of cannonball 2017, 2018,2019

  • Elite 9th at World Championships 2017, 2019

  • Junior Downhill World Cup overall winner 2016


Train for Success









To purchase online programs or coaching sessions get in contact with me.



Coaching sessions on the bike with me include one on one, one on two, one on three or group coaching sessions. 

  • 1 hour sessions or 2 hour sessions available 

  • Each coaching session is customisable and can include what ever you would like to improve on. This can include aspects of jumping, cornering, basic bike skills, body positioning, speed, line choice or what ever you need to take your riding to the next level. 

*All coaching sessions are suitable for all ages and abilities. 


Monthly on bike training plans are customised to what you have access to and what your goals are. 

On bike training plans can include 

  • On bike training sessions to follow through the month 

  • Stationary bike sessions 

  • Cross training sessions


*All Online programs are suitable for all ages and abilities  


Bike specific gym or home strength programs.

Programs also available for those of you who don't ride and want to get stronger, fitter and build a better physique. 

All programs are tailored to your individual goals, and the equipment or gym you have access to. 

* All Online strength and conditioning programs are suitable for all abilities 

Periodisation plans available upon request 


All of the above services are available for large groups, schools or clubs. 
For more information get in contact with me directly. 


1 hour


One on one - $130
One on two - $100 per person
One on three - $75 per person
Groups of four or more - $65 per person

2 hours


One on one - $250
One on two - $190 per person
One on three - $140 per person
Groups of four or more - $120 per person



6 x 1 hour one on one coaching sessions - $720
6 x 2 hour one on one coaching sessions - $1,470

Individual costs


Gym Program - $65 per program

Weekly on bike program - $65 per month



Weekly on bike program + one gym program - $130 per month
Weekly on bike program + two gym programs - $195 per month
Weekly on bike program + three gym programs - $260 per month

For a friend or loved one


Gift vouchers are available for both coaching and online programs.
Contact me to organise a personalised voucher.


  • Payment is required before online programs are released. 

  • Payment is required before coaching sessions commence.

  • Pre coaching medical form/ waiver must be completed before commencing coaching session. (This will be sent to you prior to your session).

  • Online questionnaire must be completed before online programs are sent out. (This will be sent to you before program commences).

Call or email to organise coaching or training plans and have a chat to me!



30 years old

“Fresh perspectives with amazing results.


My experience with Sian’s training program was nothing short of exceptional. Utilizing her wealth of knowledge combined with real world experience Sian created a training plan for me that put me out of my training comfort zone and gave me new found balance, strength and stability. The program was targeted at riding and racing and very much increased my strength but also enjoyment of riding with better strength in my upper body, core and legs. The training plans fitted into my life schedule, were super easy to follow when training remotely and brought new ways of thinking to the way I trained. Any rider will benefit from a structured training program from Sian and I put the challenge out to everyone to see how much they can improve when dealing with a true athlete and professional. “

27 years old

"After making the decision to go #fullenduro, I invested in a home-gym program with Sian. I had done some consistent gym work before, so was curious to see what could be added to my workouts. After the first couple sessions, I realised how much of my body I was underutilising and how weak I really was! The gains came slowly but surely with some perseverance and encouraging guidance from Sian. After a few months on a program, there are noticeable improvements in my technique and stamina on the bike. I work fulltime and ride nearly every day, and Sian's program is perfectly tailored to my time and equipment restrictions at home. The workouts are mtb-specific, something you won't find from your average gym PT or online guru. Commit yourself to a program with Sian and you'll reap the rewards out on the trail."

45 years old

Sian’s well-known talents as a rider and competitor are complemented by a natural ability for teaching the skills of mountain biking. The lessons are clear and well-structured, with detailed but easy to follow demonstrations of technique. Sian knows just how far to push you in each session, so that you leave with the real feeling of being a better rider every time. Above all, the sessions with Sian have increased my confidence and overall skill. I would recommend the lessons to anyone who wants to improve on nearly any aspect of mountain biking.

15 years old

I got given a coaching session for my birthday. I’ve watched Sian ride at Thredbo and followed her achievements on Instagram. Sian made the experience interesting and was really friendly.  Sian  was genuinely interested in helping me achieve my goals.  I throughly recommend a lesson, if you want to improve yourself.  Her motivation to get you to raising the bar is awesome. Thanks heaps!

20 years old

Sian’s monthly programs are honestly probably the best thing I’ve purchased to help with my riding. The structure is super easy to follow, set to your personal life and structured to your discipline as a rider. I used to have a super slack program that I would just change or skip days cause I could, but I feel this gives me the drive to put the work in and get stuff done, which I love about it. It also just fills up the day up so don’t get distracted as easily if you are that type of person. I also highly recommend at least 2-3 gym sessions a week, I find it helps you focus on the other aspect of riding and that putting the hard yards in the gym, make you miss your bike in a way, allowing to get pumped for the next time you ride your bike. I now it did for me. 

Sian is super nice and humble, she makes you feel welcome and comfortable, always there to help for advise or showing you movement. She puts the things you want to train at the core and helps you improve on that and encourages you along that process. Improvement is on her mind for you and improvement you will get!  

I highly recommend these programs from Sian, I saw significant improvements in the first month of doing the program. 100% worth your time, you will definitely see a change in fitness, and improvement on the bike. Highly recommend!!

40 years old

I've been MTB riding for about 18 months, and had hit the point where I needed some coaching to be a more efficient rider. I also wanted to learn how to jump, drop and pump. I was gifted a 1hr coaching session with Sian for my birthday and after some pre-coaching engagement, Sian knew how to use the 1hr session so I would get the most out of it.
Sian is observant and provides frank feedback. She is able to articulate clearly how to perform the moves and then will also demonstrate them.
Since my one on one, I've had a couple of group sessions and have seen immediate results. I am faster, thinking about my turns, pumping instead of peddling, attempting the jumps rather than rolling them and can drop off rocks with a hell of a lot less fear. I highly recommend a one on one with Sian if you'd like to become a more efficient rider.

15 years old

"Sian A'Hern's experience in mountain biking and her commitment to training makes all programs engaging and 100% worth while. I can't recommend Sian enough to anyone looking to excel in their fitness and mental strength"

17 years old

"Sian has been amazing with all the training, i haven’t even completed a full year of training and I have made large improvements in my results which I could have never achieved on my own. The programs are specially made to fit your lifestyle and your weekly schedule, which is awesome. The variation in excersizes is great because it doesn’t get repetitive. I love Sian and she is honestly a motivation for me to make gains and get on my bike and go shred"

11 years old

"After a MTB lesson with Sian and my mates at Stromlo my Dad agreed to pay half for an on-line training program, and I paid the other half and do chores. I love Mountain Biking and competing DH and Enduro and have raced heaps this year (even with COVID). Sian is really good with kids, she understands that we have heaps of school stuff and that we hate riding uphills! She has made monthly MTB programs for me that have really helped me get bike fitter, bike stronger and less out of breath (google = anaerobic fitness). I like that she checks in on me and gives me encouragement and helps explain why I need to do these exercises to become a better rider. Mum does F45 and she thought I could just do her F45 program, but it's not the same, Sian understands what it takes to be a Champion MTB rider, and she creates and coaches me for this purpose."

39 years old

"Having only been getting a program with Sian for 3 months, have found myself already getting strong and fit. My confidence on the bike has increased significantly due to my gain in strength. Sian has helped me through my adrenal fatigue which I am so thankful for. Thank you Sian. Looking forward to what's to come."

14 years old

Sian Ahern has been virtually coaching me this year during Covid-19 to help build my strength and confidence in the mountain biking world.

Sian is motivating and keeps the training program interesting with new ideas with training regimes. She has helped condition my body with strength and endurance sets which has greatly improved my riding and also my fitness level.


It was great to finally be able to ride with Sian at this years Thredbo gravity series in Dec 2020 where she coached me through to a podium finish in the under 17s as 2nd place.

I would highly recommend Sian as a coach, she is a great mentor, great motivator and it has been a great experience for me.

14 years old

Sian Ahern has been coaching me online for almost 6 months, helping me to increase my strength and fitness, and in turn increase my riding skills and stamina.

I also had a one on one coaching session with Sian. She was super friendly, and helped me with body positioning and skills on my bike. From then I practiced the skills and techniques she had told me and now find myself a more confident and stronger rider . Sian has sent me monthly training programs for on the bike training, she is always ensuring she mixes things up, keeps it interesting and fun.  She is super motivating and has driven me to put in the work.

I am excited to race again soon and see the difference in my results since training with Sian. Don't think twice though, book in with Sian, you won't regret it! 


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